BWPPA Tour Stop 1 Birmingham

This was the first event of the BWPPA calendar and the committee decided to move the first event to Birmingham and start the season a month later to avoid severe weather conditions. This turned out to be a bad decision as the weather was as severe as usual for the opening event with record snow […]

BWPPA Handicapped Knockout

This event was the end of season handicapped knockout unfortunately the field was low in numbers due to no ranking points being on offer. This tournament was an open knockout with players drawing seeds and guess who pick the no.1 seed card, yours truly lol.

This gave me a bye straight […]

BWPPA Tour Stop 5 Liverpool

My second win in a row and things are looking good as I build up towards the World Championships in Germany. I’m over the moon to win my second event and more importantly gaining back my UK number one spot.

In summary I started well, had an indifferent middle and finished […]

BWPPA Tour Stop 4 Cardiff

Wey hey finally got a win. I played really well at this event and was starting to feel like my old self again. It’s been a difficult 12 months for me as a player as I’ve gone from dominating the British tour to finding it difficult to even make a final, let alone […]

BWPPA Tour Stop 3, Liverpool

16th – 17th June 2012

This was the first event in 7 years I’ve not been ranked number one, so I was determined to do well. The first day went to plan as I was playing some good pool. I won all 3 matches beating Adam Pearson, Frankie Gillen and Aslam […]