BWPPA Tour Stop 5, November 2014

It felt like the old Roy was back in this event as I played with real belief and confidence.  I won my first match beating Daniel Lee 7-1 and then I beat Mark Parsons 7-2, then Fred Dinsmore 7-3, securing me a place in the Semi-finals.  In the semis I played Daniel Lee again, Daniel is a new player to the tour with real ability and maybe just a lack of experience proved to be the difference as I won the match 9-3.

This left a final shootout with Fred Dinsmore and sadly the end of the road with regards to my winning streak as I lost the match 9-3.  I was a little disappointed with my performance as I took a 3-1 lead and was looking comfortable.  I just seemed to lose my focus and let Fred back into the match.