BWPPA Tour Stop 1, March 2015 (Performance over Results)

I lost in the quarter-finals however my great form continued as I played very well.  Sometimes, particularly in 9Ball when losing it’s more important to focus on your performance rather than the result.  Whilst a QF loss is a poor result for me I have to focus on my game and in general I played well (see results below)

Dave Beaumont 7-6 Loss

Daniel Lee 7-2 Win

Danny Luton 7-6 Win

Aslam Abubaker 7-4 Loss

My next event is the European 8, 9 and 10Ball championships in Portugal from 13-23 April.  I always enjoy this event although in recent years I’ve not felt confident due to my poor run of form.  This year I’ve practiced hard and am playing at the top of my game so feel much more confidence about my chances of winning.