BWPPA Tour Stop 5 Liverpool

My second win in a row and things are looking good as I build up towards the World Championships in Germany.   I’m over the moon to win my second event and more importantly gaining back my UK number one spot.IMG_1733

In summary I started well, had an indifferent middle and finished really strong.  Below are my match stats:-

1st Match was a 7-0 win over Graham McClounnan

2nd Match was a 7-5 win over Craig Welsh

3rd Match was a 7-2 lose against Phil Hendrickson

4th Match (Losers side) was a 7-5 win over Matt Duffy


5th Match (Semi-Final) was a 7-3 win over Fred Dinsmore

6th Match (Final) Was a 7-3 win over Phil Hendrickson

I performed really well in my first match against Graham making a two break and runs.  I was behind in most of my next match against Craig but fortunately I was able to find another gear when required.  My next match against Phil was a little strange as coming into the match I felt confident, but didn’t really play with any confidence. 

Phil was worthy of his 7-2 win so it’s the loser’s side I go.  Next up was old foe Matt Duffy this was probably my best performance of the event as both players played to a high level.  I finally seen the match out 7-5 and progressed to the Semi-Final against Dubliner Fred Dinsmore.

Again I played really well in this match displaying some solid pool.  In the end I ran out a convincing winner and secured my second final in a row, against Welshman Phil Hendrickson.  This was to be my biggest match of the season so far as If I won I would regain my number spot winning an £800 cue provided by our great sponsors at Predator.  

This has given me a lot of confidence going into the World Championships in Germany and my goal is to return back with a gold medal. Phil didn’t repeat the form he shown against me in the earlier round and I went on to win 7-3.



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