World Wheelchair 9Ball Championships, Germany

This event was originally scheduled for August in the UAE but due to organizer issues the event was rescheduled to December and held in Willingen, Germany.  You would think being only an hours flight away compared to a 7 hour flight to Dubai the journey would be a breeze, not the case lol

See travel itinerary below.

4.15am…….I left my house heading to Digbeth coach station, Birmingham.

5.00am……Left Digbeth heading for Heathrow.

11.10am……Left Heathrow heading for Frankfurt

1.30pm…….Left Frankfurt heading for Willingen (3 hours drive)


As you can see the journey took me 12 hour’s from when I left my house to arriving at the venue.  When we arrived we were greeted with a foot of snow and the disappointment of Dubai being cancelled was at the forefront of my mind.

EPBF were staging the event so although the travel and weather wasn’t great I knew the playing conditions were going to be first class and we weren’t disappointed.

My first match was against fellow Brit Tony Southern sadly I didn’t get off to a great start and lost the match 7-5 moving me over to the losers round.  Thankfully I didn’t have to play again until the following day so I had time to regroup and try and get my game back on track.

Day 2 saw me drawn against another fellow Brit Matt Duffy.  I definitely felt better after taking advantaged of some practice time as well as another night’s sleep.  I won this match 7-3 and was pleased with the way I played.

My next match was against Joachim Schuler of Germany; I played well again in this match beating him 7-3.  Next up was Matej Brajkovic from Slovina and I won this match 7-1.  I started to feel like my game was getting stronger and stronger after each match and my confidence was growing. 
Next up was Tony Southern again and a chance to put the disappointment of losing to him in the first round.  This match was a very good standard and I broke and ran 3 of my racks.  The match was nip and tuck and I finally pulled away winning 7-5.

This put me into the semi-finals against current World Champion J Tathi of Finland.  Again I had a good sleep and prepared well for what would be the biggest match of my seaIMG_1784son.

It’s hard to sum up the match as I felt I played well throughout but found myself 6-1 down.  I had a few bad roles and obviously Jouni played some great pool, but from 6-1 down I broke and ran 2 of my racks and Jouni began to miss pots he normally wouldn’t and I sensed he was feeling the pressure.  I got the match back to 6-6 and it was me to break.  I broke the rack and ran the balls through to the 7 then this is where things started to go wrong.  I potted the 7 ball trying to leave shape on the 8 so I only had to drop it in to be nicely on the 9, but unfortunately the cueball overran. It was decision time do I play the 8 ball going around 3 rails for shape on the 9 ball or do I drop the 8 ball in leaving a tougher 9 ball.  I chose the latter and on reflection I probably played the wrong shot, as I missed the 9 leaving a shot for J Tahti.

I still felt I had a chance as the 9 I left wasn’t easy but sadly for me he made it and won the match, gutted.

As I type this blog reflecting on my performance I have to be pleased with a bronze medal as generally over the season I don’t feel like I’ve played well.   So the quest continues into 2013 for the moment I can’t say I’m World Champion.

That’s me done now for this year so I am going to take some time off with the family and start again in the New Year.  2013 I intend to practice more, get fitter  and develop my own coaching school, watch this space.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me this year and I look forward to working with you in 2013.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.